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<p”>Hello world. I thought for a while about what to title my first post, trying to find a better alternative to WordPress’ default ‘hello world’. I’ve failed, but ‘hello world’ actually seems like a decent way to start a blog which will concern programming. As anybody who’s ever tried their hand at programming knows, ‘hello world’ is the first stepping stone into the world of computer programming, and has been for decades.

Who am I?

My name is Marcus Buffett, I live in Florida, and I’m enrolled in USC for the spring semester, where I plan to major in computer science. Between then and now, I have about 5 months of unoccupied time, which seems like an ideal situation as I try to learn as much as I can about computer science before I officially begin my studies.

My experience in computer science is largely confined to iOS development. My first big programming project was Bankr, a personal finance manager for iOS, which a friend and I created in high school. Since then I’ve made two weekend apps; a gesture-based calculator and a free note-taking app, to refresh myself on iOS development after a year-long hiatus.

I also have experience with Python, doing basic scripting and some web scraping. Although iOS is where I’ve spent the majority of my time and learned the most about programming, Python remains my favorite language for it’s readability, conciseness, and its incredibly useful list comprehensions.

I’ve dabbled in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Django, but my experience with them is so limited as to be virtually non-existent. I also took AP Computer Science and “learned” enough Java to get a 5. I use quotes because I have no idea how to use Java, and couldn’t print ‘hello world’ if I wasn’t given an IDE with generous autocompletion. As I could get by with my Python knowledge, I never committed Java to memory, a fact I now regret, given Java’s popularity.

Why start a blog?

All the cool CS guys are doing it.  Over the next 5 months, I’ll be devoted to learning as much about computer programming as I can, and along the way it would be nice to have a place to write down my thoughts. Hopefully the articles I post will be of some help to anyone else who wishes to learn about the same things.

I intend to learn more languages such as R, Lua, Go, and Haskell. Haskell primarily, and the others if I end up having time to learn them. However, the first few months I intend to learn about web development, probably using node.js or Django, depending on which framework seems more suited to the first project I decide to create. I’m also trying to learn various tools that will help my programming indirectly, and will probably post about these occasionaly. These tools include vim, bash, tmux, git, touch typing, and a new OS (Ubuntu).

What makes this blog different from the thousands of other programming blogs?

Well the key difference, I mean, the greatest divider between this and all the other programming blogs, the thing which really sets this blog apart is, umm… uh…

I don’t know, but hopefully I’ll be able to publish some interesting and useful content which other programmers will be interested in reading.

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